EU structural funds

Beginning from January 1, 2004, the Slovak Republic may draw EU Structural Funds. The key objective of the EU funding representing one of the EU´s priorities is to reduce differences in development between regions and member countries. Hence, as much as one third of the total EU budget is allocated to supporting the structural policy.

The EU Structural Funds are primarily designed for:

  • Private sector – natural persons, legal entities, non-governmental and non-profitable organisations,
  • Public sector:
    • Public administration,
    • Municipalities – Higher Territorial Units, municipalities and local authorities.

Almost € 16 bln. in total was allocated to the Operational Programmes and Agricultural Programme in combination with funds from the state budget for 2007 – 2013 for the Slovak Republic.

Approximately € 3 bln. out of € 16 bln. is intended for the private sector such as small and medium enterprises (“SME”) and also large corporations, in particular within the following Operational Programmes (“OP”):

  • Environment
  • Competitiveness and Economic Growth
  • Bratislava Region
  • Rural Development

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EU funds by region

Operational Programme Environment

The financial support is divided into the following two areas:

  • Air Pollution Protection and Use of Renewable Resources
Subsidy: € 423 mln.

Purpose: Purchase of technologies reducing CO2 emissions, biomass boilers

  • Waste Management
Subsidy: € 570 mln.

Purpose: Recycling, dump recultivation, waste processing and technology

Operational Programme Competitiveness and Economic Growth

The support is divided into the following three areas:

  • Innovation and Competitiveness
Subsidy: € 580 mln.

Purpose: Purchase of technology and machinery, marketing costs

  • Energetics
Subsidy: € 144 mln.

Purpose: Activities aimed at energy saving by focusing on the use of alternative energy sources

  • Tourism
Subsidy: € 145 mln.

Purpose: Activities aimed at prolonging stays of tourists and increasing the lodging standards (up to ****)

Operational Programme Rural Development

The support is divided into the following two areas:

  • Increase in Competitiveness of Agriculture and Forestry
Subsidy: € 835 mln.

Purpose: Farm modernisation, increase in added value of agricultural products

  • Rural Life Improvement and Rural Economy Diversification
Subsidy: € 358 mln.

Purpose: Activities aimed at rural tourism development

Operational Programme Bratislava Region

Subsidy: € 30 mln.

Purpose: Production and introduction of innovations and technological transfers in SME sector Acquisition and protection of intellectual property, introduction of quality management systems

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