Bonus Term Deposit

The Bonus Term Deposit is a term account enabling favorable appreciation of your funds. At the same time, you may receive a bonus on base rate, and the loyal customers get more.

Why to choose the Bonus Term Deposit?

  • Favorable interest rate
  • Attractive bonus
  • It rewards your loyalty for 36 months after establishment


  • Deposit floor as low as € 99
  • Fixed period - 6 months
  • Premium interest rate guaranteed for the whole fixed period
  • Possible bonus to be earned * till 5th deposit renewal
  • Charge free opening and maintenance of the product
  • Yield credited as of deposit maturity
  • No additional deposits allowed
  • Withdrawal before maturity allowed
  • Deposit protected in line with Deposit Protection Act

* if you do not withdraw the funds during fixed period / on maturity date


On October 1, 2009 a deposit of € 100 was made. No withdrawals were made during fixed period / on maturity date. It is not only that you will be paid an interest on March 1, 2010, but also a bonus of 0.20% will be added to your applicable rate for the next period.

Open your Bonus Term Deposit:

  • at VUB branches,
  • via KONTAKT service, tel.: 0850 123 000 for Slovakia or +421 48 414 12 12 (abroad),
  • via VUB Internet Banking

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