Revolving loan

Do you need additional funds for your operating activities, the drawdown and repayment of which you decide according to the current needs?

We offer you a revolving loan with the following benefits:

  • Smooth financing of operating needs
  • Repeated drawdown and repayment
  • Drawdown and repayment instructions according to your current needs
  • Interest paid on the amount actually drawn
  • In the case of loan drawdown up to the loan limit amount, the bank does not charge a commitment fee in accordance with the applicable Price List of VÚB, a. s.
  • Partial credit lines (e. g. monthly, quarterly or semi-annual) within the overall loan maturity

Conditions for Loan Granting

  • Demonstrating the ability to repay the loan, including interest and fees within the requested maturity and under the terms and conditions agreed in advance
  • Loan purpose – loan for a specific purpose related to financing of client's operating needs
  • Collateral for loan, including interest and fees
  • Additional conditions depending on the business nature, knowledge and credibility of the entrepreneur (e. g. notarial deed as power of distress on assets)

Documents Required

  • Written Request for Loan, including complementary annex tables depending on the amount and type of requested loan and the type of business entity
  • Documents demonstrating the authorization to conduct business activity
  • Financial statements for the latest two completed financial years and the most recent financial statements in the current year
  • Tax return or income tax return
  • Documents to loan collateral
  • Documents related to the loan purpose

Interest rate – floating, calculated as the sum of the base rate for business loans or of the respective EURIBOR, LIBOR or PRIBOR (depending on the interest rate fixation and transaction currency) plus business margin. The business margin is determined by the bank individually for each transaction.

Should you be interested in loan granting, please, contact the nearest corporate branch.


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