VUB ePayments

VUB ePayments guarantee comfortable shopping for goods and services via Internet Banking from online retailers worldwide. Let your customers shop fast and simply from your Internet shop.

VUB ePayments benefits include:

  • fast and convenient purchase of goods and services by your customers
  • free set-up and operation of VUB ePayments
  • payment status online information
  • immediate crediting of a payment for goods or services to your account
  • secure ePayments
  • simple installation
  • payment notification via e-mail or SMS

How can I set up VUB ePayments?

    VÚB, a. s.
    Oddelenie 4103
    Mlynské nivy 1
    829 90 Bratislava 25
  • Afterwards the bank contacts me
  • I take over a security key generated by the bank in person
  • I install the technical solution
  • and finally check that the service runs properly in association with the bank.

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