Merchant services

If you are an entrepreneur or a sole trader possessing or running a shop or service operation such as a hotel, supermarket, electronics or clothes shop and alike or provide services such as travel agencies, medical or veterinary surgeries we provide services you need to accept payment cards via payment terminals.


  • delivery and installation of payment terminal,
  • different types of communication connection are supported (telephone line – analogue or ISDN, internet, GPRS network) ,
  • VÚB offers stationary or mobile payment terminal,
  • VÚB pays costs related to authorisation fees, installation, operator training, promotional material, transaction statements, guarantee and post guarantee service, interchange fees (VISA, MasterCard),
  • you can accept any types of payment cards issued by best-known card companies - VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB.

Business conditions

  • We suggest a commission model for the rendered services that will be derived from a fixed fee and commission on total payment made via POS Terminal based on the type of a payment card

What are the business conditions?

  • VÚB will charge for the rendered services a fee and fixed commission on total payment amount made through POS terminal based on type of payment card.
  • The fee and commission amount is determined individually, based on turnover, core business, terminal type and its communication network and scope of the rendered services.

How to get a payment terminal?

Please contact EFT POS specialist at any VÚB branch or service KONTAKT on 0850 123 000, e-mail

If you run an internet shop we would like to offer you e-commerce service pack securing overall acceptance of payments for goods or services.


  • Transaction verification (24x7)
  • Service KONTAKT 0850 123 000
  • Financial complaints (during working days from 8.00 am till 4.00 pm)
  • Tel: 02/5055 2808 (for VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB transactions)
  • Tel: 02/5055 1992 (for American Express transactions)
  • Fax: 02/5441 0578

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