Fund account

  • designed for entities with the purpose to generate funds in line with legal regulations (e.g. reserve fund, social fund)
  • without the option to overdraw the credit balance
  • allows you comfortable, safe and transparent management of your funds
  • interest is posted in the currency of the relevant account, and it is credited on a monthly basis or on the date of closing the account

With fund account you can access the following services

  • written orders for settlement – payment orders (fast, accelerated payments) or standing orders for regularly repeated payments on the fixed date and fixed sum
  • automatic money transfers between accounts
  • nonstop banking services - Business banking, Internet Banking, Mobile banking, Service Kontakt
  • information on transactions on the account via statements
  • access to other products and services in the vast network of VUB full and light branches

Online access to an account

An option to set up electronic banking - Nonstop Banking service simultaneously with Fund account or current account opening. Set up and maintenance of Nonstop Banking is charge free. Starting on 15.06.2013 the service can be set up even if you do not have any other product with VUB.

We open fund account in EUR and in 4 foreign currencies - CZK, USD, CHF and GBP.

Minimum balance on a fund account maintained in EUR is EUR 16 and minimum initial deposit is EUR 60. Minimum deposit for opening a fund account in foreign currency is USD 50 or its equivalent in another foreign currency. Minimum balance on the account in foreign currency is USD 20 or its equivalent in another foreign currency.

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