Mission and values


To be the Best Bank in Slovakia for customer satisfaction, while maintaining excellence in profitability and operating efficiency.


Conscious of the value of our activities and services following the needs of the community we are part of and based on trust and respect for all our stakeholders - customer, employees and shareholder to create a sense of belonging of our employees and community and compete on the market with a sense of fair play and promote sustainable growth and results.


Our role is to provide high-quality banking and financial services to clients and to continuously make improvements in all areas of our business activity.


Values of VÚB brand


We would like to offer products and services that are simple and understandable. We are able to adapt and respond flexibly.


Our aim is to address specific problems of people, we strive to deliver relevant solutions. When introducing innovations, we are seeking for added value for our clients.


We think of the needs of clients and employees and we would like to build long-standing relationships. We are not humans who have become bankers, but we are bankers who have remained humans.


We believe that everything goes better with a smile, and for that reason we strive to ensure that our clients have also reason to smile each time visiting VÚB bank.

Values of Intesa Sanpaolo group


We pursue our goals with honesty, fairness and responsibility, in full and true respect of the rules and professional ethics and in the spirit of signed agreements.


We set ourselves the goal of continuous improvement, forward thinking, anticipating challenges and fostering creativity aimed at innovation, both recognising and rewarding merit.


We are committed to making transparency the basis of our actions, advertising and contracts in order to allow all our stakeholders to make independent and informed decisions.

Respect for specific qualities

It is our intention to combine large-scale operations with profound local roots and to be a bank with a broad vision, without losing sight of individuals.


We are committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination from our conduct and to respecting differences in gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, political and union persuasions, sexual orientation and identity, language or disability.

Values of the individual

The value of each single person is a guide for our modus operandi: we use listening and dialogue as tools to continuously improve our relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Responsibility in the use of resources

We aim to use all of our resources attentively, promoting behaviour based on resource optimisation and avoiding waste and ostentation, and we give priority to choices that take sustainability into account.

Investor protection (MiFID)

In this section you can find information about investment services provided by VUB bank.

Investor's guide
Best execution policy under MiFID
Information on handling claims, complaints and inquiries

Date and
deal time
Stock exchange
Price per item
25.04.2018 12:34:47 US105756BR01
145000 964
24.04.2018 14:22:28 SK4120008871
3000000 1,19
23.04.2018 11:35:56 SK4120008871
250000 1,19
23.04.2018 11:35:28 SK4120008871
901500 1,19
23.04.2018 11:35:28 SK4120008871
901500 1,19
23.04.2018 11:05:34 SK4120013400
4800000 1,03
K7084 D
20.04.2018 15:40:51 LU0012157102
73 683,91
20.04.2018 11:17:36 XS0360809577
250000 50113,5
19.04.2018 15:26:56 XS0360809577
350000 50128,5
19.04.2018 15:08:16 US731011AT95
100000 991,66
19.04.2018 15:00:34 XS1629918415
100000 1004,89
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ISIN – security identification number
Stock exchange – identification of the deal location

  • "OTC" – over-the-counter market
ID – deal reference number
  • "D" – determined (affected) deal
ND – information that it is a negotiated deal
  • "N" – negotiated deal
Status – defines whether it is a new deal, amendment or cancellation of an already published deal
  • "A" – amendment of an existing deal (Amendments)
  • "C" – cancellation of an existing deal (Cancellation)


Anti-money laundering

Our involvement in the combat against money laundering and terrorist financing is primarily driven by threat that it poses to the entire society.
We adopted created strict internal rules in order to prevent these negative phenomena. Our internal rules are based on the Slovak legislation as well as on the legislation of the European Union, recommendations of international bodies such as Financial Action Task Force, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Wolfsberg Group.
Basic measures and actions aimed at prevention and detection of money laundering and terrorist financing are laid down in the document VUB AML Guidelines.

VUB AML Guidelines
The purpose of this document is to define the main functions and responsibilities of Bank's bodies and its organization units involved in the prevention of legalization of proceeds of criminal activity, combat against terrorist financing, and dealing with embargoes.
Patriot Act Certification
Wolfsberg Questionnaire

Confidential Data Processing

We know that your privacy is important to you and we both respect and protect it. Therefore, we handle your confidential data with utmost caution and with your knowledge and consent. Therefore at this point, we provide you the information on processing of your personal data pursuant to Art. 15 of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection.

Legal Basis for Personal Data Processing

VÚB, a.s., as a bank is entitled to process the personal data of clients and their representatives obtained during contract conclusion or during the life of the contract, even without their consent, especially if:

a) the purpose of the processing of personal data, group of data subjects and the list of personal data is stipulated by a special act,

b) the processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to establish relations prior to entering a contract with the data subject or at the negotiation of alternation of a contract which are held on the request of the data subject,

c) the processing of personal data is necessary to safeguard the rights and law protected interests of the bank or a third party.

The special regulations under a) are in particular:

Banking Act No. 483/2001 Coll., as amended

Act No. 492/2009 Coll. on payment services, as amended

Act No. 297/2008 Coll. on prevention of legalization of proceeds of criminal activity and terrorist financing

Act No. 186/2009 Coll. on financial intermediation and financial advisory services, as amended

Act No. 129/2010 Coll. on consumer loans, as amended

Securities Act No. 566/2001 Coll., as amended

The purpose of processing in terms of the special regulations is mainly to:

- identify, verify and check the identity of clients and their representatives,

- conclude and execute transactions with clients,

- protect and enforce the rights of the bank to clients,

- document the bank's activities,

- perform supervision of the bank on its activity,

- fulfill the duties and obligations of the bank in accordance with the Banking Act or special regulations.

In other cases, the consent of the data subject is the legal basis for processing of personal data, and the bank shall request this consent in writing.

Information on the Rights of the Data Subject

The client, as the data subject, pursuant to Art. 28 of the Personal Data Protection Act, is entitled to require upon a written request from the bank, as the controller:

a) confirmation whether its personal data are or are not being processed,

b) information about the state of processing of its personal data in the filing system in a generally intelligible form; if decision is issued which would produce legal effects on it or significantly affect it, provided that such decision is based solely on the acts of the automatic processing of its personal data, the data subject shall be entitled to familiarize itself with the procedure of the processing and evaluation of operations,

c) exact information, in a generally intelligible form, about the source from which the bank obtained its personal data for their processing,

d) list of its personal data, in a generally intelligible form, which constitute the subject of the processing,

e) rectification or erasure of his inaccurate, incomplete or not updated personal data which constitute the subject of the processing,

f) erasure of its personal data if the purpose of their processing was fulfilled; if any official documents containing personal data constitute the subject of the processing, it may request their returning,

g) erasure of its personal data which constitute the subject of the processing in case of violation of the law,

h) blocking of its personal data due to cancellation of the consent for personal data processing before its expiration if the controller processed the personal data based on the consent of the data subject.

Information on Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data

When providing services, cross-border transmission is expected, especially into EU-member states (Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic) and other countries under the conditions specified by the Personal Data Protection Act.

Below is the list of persons to whom information about you can be provided for the purposes of continuous improvement of our services.

The List of Intermediaries of VÚB, a.s.
The List of Third Parties and Beneficiaries
Information on personal data processing by the Slovak Banking Credit Bureau
Information on cooperation and exchange of information processed by the Slovak Banking Credit Bureau and the Non-Banking Credit Bureau

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