Internet banking

Internet banking provides a simple and safe access to your finance through internet from comfort of your home, office and from abroad. You can have now comprehensive information about products, and transactions on your accounts anywhere and anytime. Make use of electronic banking services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


What are the benefits of Internet banking?

  • Modern design and simple and intuitive control,
  • Optional adjustment of the main page to accelerate the navigation and performance,
  • Well-arranged information with useful details on main page,
  • Transaction, direct debit and payment notifications via SMS/ e-mail messages,
  • Possibility to apply for loan /mortgage loan via Internet banking,
  • Investments in and purchase of mutual funds via Internet banking,
  • Saving on transaction fees,
  • Professional support on telephone number 0850 123 000.

What do I need for logging on to Internet banking?

  • Identification number (indicated in the Internet Banking Agreement ) and password. Due to safety reasons, you will be invited to change your password for the New Internet Banking after the first login,
  • Activated SMS authorisation or Token,
  • Supported browser

Which browsers are recommended for correct display and use of functionalities?

  • Mozilla Firefox 6, 7 and higher (download),
  • Chrome 13, 14 and higher (download),
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher (download),
  • Safari 5.1 and higher (download),
  • Opera 11.5 and higher (download).

To download and complete the browser installation, click on “Free Download/ Browser Download /Download“ on the web page of the selected browser.

What about electronic signature in Nonstop banking?

All electronic documents created in the Nonstop banking on Bank´s part are singed with electronic signature and are recognized for legal purposes as documents in electronic form.

How to proceed when I stay abroad and I do not have my SMS authorisation activated?

In such a case a client should appoint by letter of authorization a person via whom SMS authorization for a client will be arranged at a branch.


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