Elena Kohútiková

Ms Elena Kohútiková has been acting in VUB Bank since October 2006. First in the position of Member of the Management Board and Executive Director of Financial and Capital Markets Division and since March 2009 as a Deputy Chief Executive Officer, mainly for the areas: Risk Management, Finance, Planning and Controlling, Payments, Information Technologies, Compliance, Operational Services. She ranks amongst the top experts on Euro introduction in Slovakia.

Ms Kohútiková was born in Nitra. She studied at University of Economics in Bratislava. After working for ZŤS Dubnica until 1982, she spent the following 8 years researching at the Institute of Economics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava where she also obtained her PhD. She entered the banking sector in 1990 by joining the State Bank of Czechoslovakia in Bratislava and after establishment of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) in 1993 she became a Chief Executive Director of its Economic Division. In 1994, the government of the Slovak Republic appointed Ms Kohútiková a Member of the NBS Bank Board. From March 2000, she held a position of Deputy Governor of NBS for the entire 6-year term being in charge of monetary policy management, open market operations, management of foreign exchange assets and risk management, management of the IT division and Research Department, representing the NBS in the Economic and Financial Committee of the European Union, Member of the International Relations Committee of the European Central Bank (IRC), Alternate Governor of NBS in the General Council of the European Central Bank, Alternate Governor of the Slovak Republic to the World Bank and also a Member of the Committee for Economic Policy of OECD, Membership in Committee of European Securities Regulators Market Participants Consultative Panel.